By: Sen. Burt Jones (R – Jackson)

Thank you to the citizens of Senate District 25 for your support and for electing me to serve another term in the Georgia State Senate. I am humbled by the chance to serve on your behalf under the Gold Dome. I do not take this position lightly and will continue to fight for our district and region. My focus will be on growing our district’s private and public partnerships to bring results to our community, like expanding our economic development footprint and increasing broadband access. I will also work with my colleagues to pass a fiscally conservative budget and to ensure that our state remains the number one state in which to do business.

While there are many important topics my colleagues and I will need to address during the 2021 session, there is an issue that needs our immediate attention – the November 3rd election. The election process in this nation is a sacred tradition and act of civic duty during which our citizens get to voice their choice for candidates to represent them at the national, state, and local levels. During an already unprecedented time in this nation and world, the integrity and sanctity of our elections has been threatened in our own backyard. Missing ballots, irregularities and numerous allegations have obscured the integrity of the election in Georgia.

As more allegations are brought forward and some counties have found thousands of uncounted ballots, I think it is imperative that Georgia’s election process go through an audit and review process. All fraudulent activity must be investigated and brought forward. I stand with members of the Senate Leadership who call on the Secretary of the State to thoroughly review the current election process, and if deemed necessary, a special session be called to address any processes which need to be tightened up to prevent illegal votes, uncounted ballots and misreporting. These are not the type of issues our citizens should be worried about, or our great state should be making national headlines about before going into the January 5th runoffs. The runoff election will decide the fate of the Senate and I am committed to doing all I can to ensure that election is processed legally and without any doubt, allegations, or uncounted ballots.

I call on the Secretary of State’s Office to ensure that the current recount is done properly and the legislature to make any changes necessary to protect the sanctity of elections in Georgia. Any allegations and evidence should be taken into consideration and investigated. While November 3rd may be behind us, the cloud of doubt is growing while the January 5th election is right around the corner. We must do all we can to ensure that the runoff election does not lead to further allegations and mistrust of the election process. This election has national implications – the time is now to thoroughly review the process, make all necessary changes and get a legal framework in place. The future of the Senate and administration lies on our shoulders – we must handle this election with a legal, fair and corruption free process.


Sen. Burt Jones is the Chairman of the Insurance and Labor Committee. He represents the 25th Senate District which includes Baldwin, Butts, Greene, Jasper, Morgan and Putnam counties and portions of Bibb, Jones and Walton counties.  He may be reached at 404.656.0082 or via email at


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