• Founder & President of JP Capital & Insurance, Inc., Jackson, GA
  • Created risk management arm of privately owned conglomerate employing 900+
  • Expanded into retail insurance marketplace & selected as Agency of the Year by Donegal Ins. in 2009
  • Instrumental in landing large distribution center in Butts County, creating 600+ new jobs
  • Celebrated over ten years in business and opened a new location in Middle Georgia
  • Facilitated creation of 100+ jobs in Butts County with a Fortune 200 Company
  • Assisted in landing manufacturing company in Morgan County, creating 500+ new jobs
  • Instrumental in establishing a new used car dealership in Jackson, GA
  • Appointed by Governor Nathan Deal to the 2014 Child Welfare Reform Council
  • Asked by Trump administration to join the Foreign & Domestic Trade Council


  • Board Member of the Butts County Water & Sewage Department
  • Board Member of Partners for Smart Growth, promoting quality growth in Butts County, GA
  • Past Board Member of Gordon State College
  • Past Board Member of the Gordon College Foundation
  • Past President & current member of the Butts County Rotary Club
  • Former Advisory Board Member of Donegal Insurance Group & Utica National Insurance Company

“I trust Burt Jones. His determination & toughness is an asset to the State Senate.”

– Senator David Purdue


Businessman and State Senator Burt Jones has a proven track record of success. As the Founder and President of J.P. Capital Insurance, Incorporated, Jones is knowledgeable in the business arena, and his company is proudly located in Jackson, Georgia. His father, Bill Jones, is the Chief Executive Officer of Jones Petroleum Companies of Georgia, a foundation that has set a business precedent. The organization has over 600 employees. Burt’s founding company, J.P. Capital Insurance, Inc., is one of five companies owned by the parent company Jones Petroleum Companies.

Burt has a passion for business and believes that business knowledge is a key component for anyone wanting to succeed. The first few years after founding J.P. Capital Insurance were challenging but typical for most new business ventures, yet Burt and the team remained persistent and dedicated and eventually would see the fruitfulness of their efforts. In a recent interview, Burt said:

“One has to constantly want to perfect his or her craft. It’s not always easy to pursue dreams because life will certainly throw curveballs. One has to keep the drive and passion to continue to win.”

After ten years in business, J.P. Capital Insurance opened a new location in Middle Georgia and has received several awards, including Agency of the Year by Donegal Insurance Group.

“Burt Jones is a good man with a good head on his shoulders. There seems to be a shortage of those in government.”

– Herman Cain


Burt Jones is undoubtedly inspired by the success of the family business, but he is also equally inspired by the woman he considers his rock. He and his wife, Jan, were high school sweethearts. Jan holds a BBA in Marketing & Economics from Southern Methodist University & an MBA in Finance from Auburn University. In a recent interview, he affectionately credits his wife as a huge part in his success as a businessman and elected government official, saying:

Jan is the brains of my immediate family. She knows me better than anyone. She is an exceptional wife and loving mother to my two kids. She holds it all together for me and the children. She lights up a room.”

When she is not keeping Burt and the kids out of trouble, Jan volunteers with other locals at her own entrepreneurial humane society called “Butts Mutts,” which focuses specifically on dog rescue. They have been instrumental in not only finding homes for abandoned dogs, but also teaming with local animal control to save the lives of dogs all over Butts County. Since becoming involved with the Butts County Animal Shelter, their group has transformed it from a 90% kill shelter into a shelter with a 90% adoption rate!

Check out “Butts Mutts” Facebook page and get involved!


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